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See Photos Of Nigerian Couples Who Broke The Constituted Law Of Marriage

Nigerians today, tend to condemn teenage marriage, sometimes I wonder why, below are photos of young couples who broke 1990 rules on Marriage.

According to the laws regarding the legal age for marriage in Nigeria, under the marriage ACT 1990, the legal age is 21, but any age below this has to do with parent consent letter, for it to get approved.

In the year 2003, child marriage was legalized by Nigerian Government, under the child right ACT 2003, the legal age is now 18years.

Today, 17% of girls in the country are settling at the age of 15, and 78% are married by the time they hit 18 years.

The fact is, some are running out of the marriage, while others, rush into it, see photos of the unique Nigerians who got themselves hooked into the early marriage.

No. 1

17 year old Aliyu and his wife 15 years, Aisha, got married in Sokoto State April, 2019.

No. 2

17 year old Somto and his wife who got married in Anambra 2019.

No. 3

19 year old groom and his 15 years old wife got married in Abia State, but they are from the North.

No. 4

15 year old Sammy Abraham and his wife Anuri 26years old got married in Abia State 2020.

No. 5

18 years Groom and his 17 years old wife.

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