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For Women: 7 Things Men Secretly Like But They Won't Tell You - Beauty Akpai

Mrs Beauty Akpai, the wife of Apostle Daniel Akpai sends an important message to women about 7 things men secretly want via a video on the Facebook page (Relationship Matters with Beauty Akpai). They are:

1. Men Like It When You Ask For Advice Or Seek For Their Consent

According to her, men like it when they feel that they are adding value to your life. They feel a sense of honour and joy for knowing that they can add to your life. When you ask for their opinions and advice on certain issues, they feel that you respect and regard them in your life.

2. They Desire That Women Have The Ability To Let Things Go

She said that keeping malice is a major turn-off in every relationship, and even if the man is at fault he expects the woman to let it go. It's good you fight for what you want but wisdom lies and your ability to know when to let go of things you cannot change. So men don't want you to drag issues, all they want is for you to talk about them and move on.

3. He Wants To Know He Can Count On You

Every man wants to trust. They want you to be reliable and to be their confidant knowing fully well that you want to use their words against them. When he tells you something and you use it against him or you process it wrongly, then he might not be able to tell you again.

4. They Secretly Desire A Genuine Woman

They secretly desire a genuine woman and want you to be vulnerable before them. They want you to be sincere and real so that they can trust you.

5. They Desire Compliments

She said that no man will tell you that they desire compliments except a few of them who are very open. Every man loves to be complimented and these compliments could be a physical compliment, a compliment at their point of duty, a compliment about one thing they've done for you, compliment about something they've done right. So just because a man doesn't ask you for a compliment does not mean he doesn't care for it.

6. They Love A Fun Loving Spouse

They want you to laugh and joke with them. They want you to lighten up the mood whenever they are around you. As a woman how do you become fun-loving? She said that you have to pick interest in what interest them and do it with them. Don't call what day enjoy 'boring' and also wear a smile on your face.

7. They Love Respect

She said that there is no man on earth that did not desire respect from their woman. If you give him maximum respect, he will think you love him. They will surely pick a woman who respects them over a woman who shows them, love. So if you want to have a good marriage, give him respect.

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