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Married women, if you don't want your husband to cheat on you, do these 8 things

Our modern society is a scary one. Imorality is everywhere and everybody seem to treat it as though it is normal. While it is true that man in recent decades have improved upon his weaknesses and has made these weaknesses into strength through the help of modern science, business and technology, there have been a notable and drastic decline in morals. In the twinkle of an eye, a married man could be snatched from his wife by a desperate lady. With desperation in the air, married woman now need to be on their toes so that they would not fall victim of this ugly development.

"All men are cheats"; that is one of the most common words said by a broken hearted woman. But do you know that that common saying is wrong? What is true however is that every man has the tendency to cheat. 7 out of 10 men who are unsatisfied in a relationship or marriage would look for satisfaction elsewhere. Having established this fact, I would like to educate women, particularly the married ones on how to avoid a scenario in which you would be competing for the attention of your husband with an outsider.

Women, if you do not want your husband to be snatched from you, do these 7 things:

1. Be his best friend

This is where many married women miss it. The world have evolved from the 19th century times where men would marry women who were seen as nothing but a living figure that cooks, give birth and talks when talked to. We live in a different time now. It is unfortunate however that that gene or rather, character of being a 19th century wife is still very much entrenched in our modern day women.

If you want to keep your husband as yours forever, turn him into your best friend and make him see you likewise. Make sure he can tell you anything in the world. Be his secrets keeper. A wife is not just a woman, she is also a companion and a friend. Talk with him as much as possible.

2. Show interest in things he likes

Many women would shy away from this but I would still say it anyway. Men love people who like what they are interested in. Nigerian men, for example are well known football lovers. When these men visit a gathering with a woman fan of their favorite club, they would often strike a discussion. If the woman is a desperate and tactful type, that man might fall into her trap. Why risk this when you can learn the things he likes and like it with him? It is not necessary you like what he likes but at least show interest.

3. Honour him

Every man likes to be respected. Most men don't like it when there are two husbands in the house. They do not fancy having a loudspeaker for a wife. If you are a domineering nagging hag, you had better watch it. If you don't, you might just notice that your husband would seek honour and respect elsewhere.

4. Learn to dress well

Just because you are married now does you mean you should look like a sorry sight. The world has evolved from the times when married women immediately turn to married mothers once they marry. Your husband wouldn't like it if all you dress in at home is a wrapper. Learn to dress for him. Look good for him. Men are attracted by what they see. Make yourself appealing and the chances that he would cheat would be lessened.

5. Learn how to cook properly

One popular saying a mother tells her daughter who have come of marriage age is "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach." One of the most popular places for a married man to get hooked by a desperate outsider is fast food joints and restaurants. Why do men go there in the first place? Because they have sorry excuses for a wife.

You better don't follow the trend. "Oh, my husband would love me whether or not I know how to cook." I feel sorry for women with such thoughts. Your husband would love you alright but on behalf of his stomach, he would get palatable food elsewhere. And because of that, the chances that he would find a girl who he can cheat with would increase. Learn how to cook well so that all day your husband would be thinking of the delicious food that awaits him when he returns home.

6. Be romantic and playful

You are not an article for public display, you are a full warm blooded human being with emotions and a tendency to want to have fun. Many married women, a year or two after they marry, lose one of the most special things about their kind of relationship. No, it is not love I speak of, it is romance. Romance is different from bed-matics. Romance is how you guys used to behave when you were courting. Learn to turn back the hands of the clock. Surprise him with a gift, cook him a surprise meal, wake him up with a kiss, have pillow fights, etc. All these things should be done with playful intent. No normal man would cheat under these circumstances.

7. Behave like a weak vessel and let your womanly charms do the magic

Men are attracted to a woman which makes them feel the desire to protect them. They want to always be the knight in shining armor who rescues the damsel in distress. This is where women have an advantage. Once in a while, pretend like you are sick and make him worship you during the process. During that time, bond as much as possible. If you can't do this, tell him a really wonderful secret and watch as he feels the urge to protect that secret.

8. Pray

I saved the best for last. Not all men that cheat cheat on their own accord, some were victims of diabolic manipulations. Madams, girls are not smiling and the length they would go to just to hook your husband would surprise even the devil himself. What chances does all those first seven things I have listed stand against an outsider with the knowledge of diabolic manipulations? They stand no chance at all. This is where prayer comes in, learn to pray at least twice in a week against things like these. Pray that your husband do not fall into the hands of women like this. Pray so that in the distant future, you would not pray.

There is one last one I should have added but because this article might be rejected, I left it out. I'll give you an hint however; learn to be spontaneous in all the rooms.

If you do not want your husband to cheat on you, do those 8 things.

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