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Major Differences Between A Real And A Fake Relationship

Fake love is not something anyone would want to live with. Sadly, it is exactly what many people have to deal with in their relationships. Here is the difference between a relationship of two people with genuine intent and the other between people with fake intent.

Fake Relationship - Immature relationship

- You are afraid to ask indepth questions of his/her personal life because of fear of rejection.

- You don't discuss about how your feelings to each other.

- You don't forgive each other's mistake.

- He or she lies you about their whereabouts and confess only when you find out the truth.

- He or she has been unfaithful on numerous occasions.

- You criticize each other infront of others.

- He or she does not encourage or support your interests and ideas.

- There are more tears than laughter.

- You always have an explaination for every thing.

- There is nothing personal between you two.

Real Relationship - Mature relationship

- The both of you talk openly about life issues like finances, children and the things that frighten both of you.

- You argue numerous times but at the end, the both of you come to some sort of compromise.

- You are open and honest about each other feelings.

- In difficult situations, you stand by each other no matter the outcome.

- The both of you are mentally and emotionally attached to each other.

- You are friends as well as lovers.

- You are aware of your partner's fault and you are able to accept some of their imperfections.

- You support and encourage each other's Interests and ideas.

- You take time to listen and understand your partner's point of view.

- You are committed to each other.

Bonus Point:

One takes and never gives, the other does not

If you are in a relationship where all your partner does is take from you without giving back, it could be a pointer to what they see the relationship as.

In a relationship that is real and both partners have the right intent to grow the relationship and form a happy partnership, energy and effort is given and taken in love. If you are in a relationship with someone who never does but always want stuff done for them as an expression of love, that is not love. It is a distorted, fake version of it.

I hope you can be able to distinguish between a fake and a real relationship?

If you also have more pointers, the comment section is open.

Thanks for reading!!

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