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6 Things You Should Never Do In Public

Hello readers, stay with me as I point out some things we ignore in our everyday life. As individuals we take so many things for granted as we are guilty of doing some of this list below. if you are not guilty let me know in the comment section.


Many of us are guilty of this especially the guys since it is easier for them to pee. Guys need to have self control and must at all times try to get to a bathroom before you pee. If you think it is normal to look for one corner to pee, know now that it is wrong and not ok for you to pee anywhere while people passby. It's not proper to urinate in public ladies and gentlemen.


As individual, there is need for us to be more cultured and control your anger. Don't even argue in public because it leads to fight most times. As a husband if you are having issues with your wife, we don't want to know, argue at home with her don't do it in public places. Don't fight a girl for taking your boyfriend in public because you will only be embarrassing yourselves. If someone slaps you, walk away and respect your self.


This is so common in Nigeria as everyone is seen shouting in the vehicle about their business and family issues or something much more private that shouldn't be heard in public. If you are to receive a call in a loud place that would need you to shout, please stall till you get to a private place or ask to converse via text.


This is a major problem we are currently facing in Nigeria as a whole. Please Guys! Stop disposing waste improperly, when ever you are done with sachet or bottle water. Please Keep it in your purse or pocket. Don't drop it on the floor or throw it over the window.


I used to think I had a wonderful voice so I sing while using my earpiece, which is just wrong. I know it's sweet to do but please stop singing in public only if you are on stage.

6. Pass Gas

Fart geng, it is very wrong to pass gas in public, it's not a competition we are not interested in smelling your colon. Excuse yourself and pass gas properly. If it happens by mistake, apologise and stop making people suspect the least dressed person in a gathering.

I know you are guilty of one of this things listed above, Let me know which of them in the comment box below.

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