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Wedding dress

5 Beautiful Colours For Wedding Dresses to Consider Other Than White

Most weddings featured the bride in a white dress, predictably a ball gown. Apart from the traditional white colour, there are several beautiful coloured wedding dresses. Keep reading for more. 

1 Black wedding dress. Did you just make a face? Black is a pretty cool colour, although superstitious beliefs hold that black signifies evil. There are stunning black wedding dresses. You can choose to pair your black wedding dress with bright accessories and possibly a white bouquet. 

Photo Credit: AliExpress

2 Purple wedding dresses. Purple is said to denote royalty. Skay kike a queen that you are on your big day by wearing a purple dress. You can match your dress with accessories in the same colour category. 

Photo Credit: Wedding Dress Fantasy

3 Silver wedding dresses. It is more common to see silver wedding dresses than other colours. Silver is a special colour that will leave you feeling on top of the world for your wedding. Silver can be paired with any colour you can think of. Be creative!

Photo Credit: Alibaba

4 Ivory wedding dresses. Similar to white wedding dresses, Ivory wedding dresses are perfect for an unconventional wedding. Just like silver, you can pair your ivory dresses with any colour of your choice.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

5 Rainbow-coloured wedding dresses. Wearing this wedding dress will give you an extraordinary and fantastic look. If you aim to look stunning on your special day, consider going for this colour. For your accessories, carefully select the right colours to avoid a clash.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Are you bold enough to try any of these colours on your big day? Comment below.

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