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Wonder Shall Never End, See What Masquerade Did After He Saw His Girlfriend That Got People Talking

Love is something that is hard to resist, controlling of our feeling is something that is very hard to do.There are lot of things happening nowadays, youth do anything that pleases them in the name of love.

Not too long a guy known as tharealbello post a funny picture of a Masquerade that saw the love of his love and remove his mask just to have some lovely moment with her.

Below is the screenshot of his post.

This action of the masquerade surprised many, while some did not blame the young guy because the think it was out of excess love he has for his girlfriend that made him not to control his emotions so easily.



On seeing this, many people were surprised of how a masquerade could remove a mask just to see her girlfriend.

Below are screenshot of some peoples reaction.

For me his action was due to the love he has for the girl.

What do you have to say, is this right or disgrace to culture?

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Wonder Shall Never End


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