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Sign of an Abusive Relationship

What is Abuse

Abuse can be in different forms like physical, I emotional or sexual abuse.

Physical abuse can means a form of violence such as punching, kicking and hitting. Abuse can happen in dating, marriage or friendships.

Emotional abuse are intimidation, put downs, I controlling behaviour and betrayal all harmful forms of emotional abuse. Emotional abuse stays for a life time.

Sexual abuse can happen to anyone guy or girl it not right to be forced into any type of sexual experiences you don't want.

Signs of an Abusive Relationship

Jealousy: A trait of an abuser is jealousy. An abusive spouse is jealous of you, your dreams and even your goals

Expect you to be a servant: An abusive spouse goes through life feeling entitled to be treated better but wants you to do everything and will not help you.

Isolation: An abuser will attempt to isolate the victim from friends and family or neighbours. The abuser will accuse the victim family or friend as a trouble markers. The abuser block the victim of use of cell phone and vehicle.

Use of force in sex: The abuser tends to restrain their partners against their will during sex. Forcing them in a way they feel helpless or demanding sex when they are sick or tired. The abuser shows little concern of their partners wish.

Blaming you for his problems: Arguments with your partner are turned around and made to see that is your fault. They use you and those around to vent their anger. Sometimes you might feel that is your fault for being irritative or problems in your relationship.

They make constant accusations: they think you are flirting with others, or looking at the opposite sex and having an affairs, they don't like how you spoke to a friend for long.

Verbal abuse: The abuser tends to be cruel or hurtful by cursing or degrading the victim. And also says things that make them wants to take their own lifes

They humiliate you: they embarrass you in front of other people. They point flaws in your personality. They even insult them in front of their friends.

They make you feel stupid: An abuser makes you look stupid, ugly or useless. You start believing that you are worthless or you don't deserve it anything better or you deserve to be mistreated.

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