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Parents, Here's Why You Should Never Allow Your Children Engage In "Birthday Bathing"

Birthdays are one of the most celebrated occasions in the lives of most people. Starting from the day a child is born into this world, to the point of old age, birthdays are often celebrated.

Most people tend to celebrate their birthdays with friends and family, by sharing gifts, receiving gifts, receiving birthday wishes and so on. A very few percentage of the public tend to become secretive when their birthdays are close.

Recently in Nigeria, a very unusual birthday traditional seemed to have become popular.

Though, mostly seen in young adults and teenagers, this poses great danger to the welfare of birthday celebrants.

Called the "Birthday Bathing", the practice entails the pouring of all sorts of dirty watery mixtures on the person who's day is being celebrated.

This practice has proven to be relatively dangerous to the birthday celebrants, as it puts the celebrants in a state of being vulnerable to harmful mixtures that can most definitely lead to the loss of their lives.

We have all witnessed cases where harmful substances such as hot acid and their likes have caused uncorrectable damages to people. So why on earth would anybody expose themselves to such harm?

Please, I diligently urge you to desist from any form of this practice, to avoid stories that touch.

What do you think about this practice?

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Stay safe

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