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8 Signs Of A Faithful Partner

Every woman wants a man who will be faithful in a relationship with her. A man who will not look at other women, have cause to cheat or make her doubt his love. However, such men may not be so easy to find in our current generation as it takes extra discipline and fear of God to remain faithful to one woman. Here are some signs that shows a man is faithful.

1) He flaunts you : When a man is sincerely faithful in a relationship, he let's his friends, family members and all around him know about you. He doesn't hide you but is proud to showcase you wherever he goes.

2) He speaks good of you often : He doesn't compare you with other women around him. He praises you and makes you feel special whenever you are with him.

3) He does not hide or password his phone when you are around : He is at rest even when he leaves his phone with you. 

5) He doesn't fidget when making a phonecall or wants privacy when you are with him : This is because he is committed to only you alone and he doesn't want another woman.

6) He talks about the future with you : He includes you in his plans because he wants to spend the rest of his life with you.

7) He invests his time, money into the relationship : He doesn't mind calling you for hours in a day just to be sure you are alright. You are a priority to him and he does all he can to make you happy.

8) He is a disciplined man : You notice that he has high moral standard and he is contented with you. He doesn't even give other ladies the chance to get too close to him so that he doesn't get tempted to be intimate with them.

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