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How to know if your partner is no longer interested.

They say all is fair in love and war, but sometimes the pain that comes with affection just does not seem worth it. The sleepless nights and quarrels that tend to occur in strained relationships is often enough to elicit feelings of doubt in the concerned parties. In a world where heartbreak is the order of the day, and stories of celebrity break ups and divorces inundate the media, one can not help but wonder about what has become of love. 

In the midst of all this, many people do their best to remain in such a relationship, hoping things will work out someday. But no matter how much one pretends to care, certain unconscious cues in their body language and overall behaviour give them away. This article will look at certain psychological tips to know if your partner is no longer interested in you. 

1. His or her first reaction.

psychological experts usually say that the first reaction is the true one. People can fake a number of things, apart from their first reaction to things. For example, the first look on your partner's face (a frown), or the first words that come out of their mouth, or their gestures, if negative, are sure ways to know if they are no longer interested.

2. Body contact. 

this is another sure way to know if a partner is no longer interested. If the person withdraws when you initate body contact, it proves that your touch no longer has the same effect it used to have. Your partner might by irritated by your touch, and would no longer have the desire to get intimate with you.

3. Withdrawal of attention. 

if your partner withdraws from giving you the same time and attention he or she used to, or does not put in the same energy as you do, then that person is no longer interested. Such signs include being too busy to see you, being online and taking too long to reply your texts, or no longer calling or texting you. These are clear signs that such person is no longer interested, or not as interested in your company as they used to be. 

In conclusion, if your partner is no longer interested, deep down you would know and the best approach is to take a step back, instead of forcing vibes in the relationship. However, if you feel the relationship is worth it, you can confront your partner to know the way forward. It could be that the partner is sick, or going through some post-traumatic stress you know nothing about. In this case, try to be more understanding about how the person feels and exercise patience.

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