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30 Niger Delta Traditional Wedding Outfits That Will Inspire You

The Bible says that, "He who finds a wife, has found something good". Marriage is one of the oldest institution, and it has remained a sacred union between a man and a woman who have agreed to spend the rest of their lives together. We Nigerians hold marriage in high esteem, and that is why we do everything possible to make our marriage ceremony a memorable occasion.

In Nigeria, our traditional marriage are mainly determined by our culture, customs and traditions. These customs and traditions are based on the ethnic group or tribe from which we originate. Each tribe in Nigeria has it's own traditional wedding attire and their method of marriage ceremony. This article focuses on the traditional wedding outfits of the Niger Deltans (The Urhobo people).

The Urhobo traditional wedding outfit is characterized by colorful beads worn around the neck and the wrist, wrapper, hat, long piece of cloth worn around th neck and a staff (Walking stick). Here are 20 beautiful Urhobo traditional wedding outfits that will inspire you.

These photos would go along way in inspiring our brothers and sisters from the Niger Delta region, in making nice choice of traditional wedding outfits.

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