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3 Ways To Make Your Woman Respect you.

Most men have been thinking lastly how they can make their women respect them, I will be giving you a few steps on how to do that today. 

1. Cheating is prohibited. 

As a man if you want your full respect in a relationship, you don't have to be cheating that alone will bring disrespect to you, because your girlfriend won't have any respect for you, because that will show how careless and rude you can be, once she starts behaving some kind you will make out that everyone around dislikes you, so don't cheat in your relationship always stay with your girlfriend, and she will never disrespect you. 

2. Dress accordingly. 

My mum do tell me, dress how you want people to address you, the way you dress matters a lot, as a man always dress simple that will bring so much respect to you both from your girlfriend and people outside, as a man who needs respect from his girlfriend never you dress just to impress the street, always have a cool fashion that your girlfriend will be proud to have you, as a man always dress simple and nice. 

3. Believe in yourself. 

As a man, you have to always believe in yourself, you don't have to be afraid of doing something because of what people will say. Always be a man and make your own decision, as a man always believe in yourself at all cost, and you will notice that your girlfriend and other women around will always respect you.

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