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Opinion: Can you work in the same company with your partner?

Work is what people do to earn money. A lot of persons have their lives built on the fact that they have a job they have always loved. Likewise, some persons have built their happiness around the kind of life that they do. More so, they have also built their life on what they achieve in their career.

For the love of career life, a lot of persons have built their relationships to align with their work life. What are your expectations for that relationship? If you see a job you have always loved and your partner works in the same company, will you be able to work there if your company does not object it?

Relationships are often cool and interesting if you have someone that connects with you constantly. It does not have to be everyday. There are people who are not comfortable with long distance relationship. However, there are people who are also not comfortable with seeing whom they are dating everyday.

Hence, the question of the day. Can you work in the same company with your partner? Kindly share your thoughts.

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