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4 Questions You Should Avoid Asking if You Are Interested In A Woman

It is often said that those who ask questions don't get lost. But as a matter of fact, sometimes it is better to keep some questions to yourself than to say them. We all know that asking questions is one of the most effective ways to know if a woman is interested in you, and it also allows each of you to become closer and learn more about each other.

While having a conversation with a woman, a wrong question might transform a nice conversation into something else, So, if you're trying to be in a relationship with a woman, some questions are not necessary to ask.

In this article, we will be revealing to you some certain questions you should not ask a girl if you are interested in her.

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1) Don't ask a lady about her previous relationship

If you are interested in a lady, you should be bothered about your interest in her and not her previous relationship. As time passes, she will be the one who will tell you a few facts about her former life and not you forcing the question on her.

2) Don't ask her if she has a boyfriend

Questions such as Do you have a boyfriend? Is very wrong. What do you think she'll say if you ask such a question? And she eventually says yes, then I think it's time for you to give up your fascination with her. You're the one who has feelings for her, not she, so she can easily push you away if you ask that question too early.


3) Don't ask for permission when to call or text her

Asking when to call or text her will begin to appear as though you're seeking permission. Make an impression on her by putting her on call when you know she will be significantly less busy. This will be a nice gesture.

4) Don't ask about her age

You shouldn't do this. Inquiring about a woman's age is wrong. You don't have to panic, she'll be able to tell you, or one of her birthdays will reveal her age to you.

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