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4 Reasons Why Majority Of Men Delay Getting Married Nowadays

There are reasons why majority of men delay in getting hooked up with their love interest. These reasons include;

1. Not enough Money

Money is very sensitive. It is not that he's not serious, instead he wants to give the best to you. You must understand this and remain at his side until he is ready to commit to you.

2. Focus on career

Many men in todays time put off marriage because of work. He just wants to focus in order to reach his goals before building a family. Such a man would think that after the marriage, he will no longer will be able to pursue his dreams and passion. He wants a happy marriage because of his efforts. So, you have to always encourage him to gain success. All of this is solely for the future of the both of you.

3. They Still Want To Be Free

This reason has been frequently discussed in many cases. Men often fear that they will not be free after marriage. Responsibility is such a great burden in a man's life. Therefore, he fears being in a serious relationship.

4. Their family came from a Broken Home

It is one of the most difficult to overcome. He had the bitter experience of a terrible family in the past. He does not want to experience failure as a parents. So, that makes him paranoid while choosing his partner for life.

Make him believe that you really love and want to live with him forever. Maybe you need help from counselors in order to convince him. Do not do anything stupid that would ruin his faith in you.

Some guys like the idea of being free but marriage need not be as it appears. Many guys do love having a committed relationship and if understanding it right, guys can enjoy their freedom and even girls even after marriage.

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