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3 Surprising things that every woman wants.

Women are so confused, they will tell you yes when they really mean no. They will be like yes go out with your friends when they really mean stay with me. Today I'm going to show you seven surprising things that every woman wants but you are not doing.

1. Women want you to touch them: You have to be careful because you don't want to be involved in sexual harassment. They want you to break the barrier because that is the greatest way to get close to her. But if you don't, there is just going to be tension building the both of you into the friend zone. So earlier in the relationship, start touching her playfully whether it is her arm or her thigh depending on how deep you go. The more you touch her, the more starts sexualizing you and drives crazy for you.

2. She wants you to dress better: Yes girls want you to look as good as possible. They wanna see a good package. They want to be proud of who they have on thier arm. The better you look, the more that girl wants you close to her.

3. You cannot be emotional with your babe: This means you cannot be a yes man. You can't just be there every time she needs you. If she wants this, you can't agree to everything. You have to be your own person.

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