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5 Ways to Deal With an Ex lover who Scammed You

Many times, people break up with their ex lovers and find out later that someway or the other, the ex lover scammed them during the interval they dated.

Sometimes, it could be monetary scams, lies, cheating, etc. It could hurt very intensely to realise you were used and dumped by someone else. How then do you go about dealing with such an ex lover who scammed you?

1. Forgive:

This may sound very base or stupid. However, nothing beats forgiving someone who has hurt you genuinely. Before you can deal with your ex lover who hurt you, you must first forgive them in your heart and try as much as possible to let the hurt heal.

2. Move on:

If you really want to deal with an ex lover who exploited you, you must first move on from the hurt. If you don't, you'd remain imprisoned in the hurt and find yourself running around in circles.

3. Grow:

The best kind of revenge against anyone who hurt you is to invest madly in personal development and spend your time improving yourself. Read books, get new skills, just grow. That way, you'd make yourself totally out of your ex lover's league.

4. Seek counsel:

The next step is to seek advice from trusted and mature authority on what next to do. They might advice you to forget the scam and move on, or they might give you strategies to recover whatever you were scammed of, especially in the case of money.

5. Report them:

It isn't enough to seek advice. Report them to anyone they submit to, or maybe their new partner after you, or their family. Someone that can scold them and take out their disappointment on him or her.

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