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5 Signs That A Girl Has Feelings For You But Is Playing Hard To Get

Sometimes when a girl has feelings for a guy, it can be very difficult to spot. Girls developing feelings for guys  is not something you get to see so often. In fact, it's quite rare that when they actually do, expressing or saying exactly how they feel without looking desperate is almost impossible. At least in this part of the world I must say.

When a girl falls for a guy, even when her body language can't help but give how she feels away, she'd still want to give the guy a run for his money (if you know what I mean). Show would want to make it all to easy for him. Which is quite understandable. After, the say good things don't come easy. Even while she's clearly giving the green light, she'd still try to escalate or de-escalate his effort.

1. She Wants Attention, But doesn't Want Your Compliments:

Is she always talking about a big bonus she got at work or perhaps, an amazing concert she enjoyed over the weekend? If so, then, she might be playing hard to get. Many women try to make themselves appear interesting and cool when playing hard to get. They do this, without making themselves seem like they're obviously lookini for any form of flattery.

2. She delays replies on purpose while texting:

Playing hard to get sometimes, means making the other person wait for longer, even when it personally pains you to delay. If a girl is interested in you, but yet takes her time to respond to your texts, it means she's definitely into you. When a girl is taking her sweet time to get back to you, it's one of the obvious signs that tells when a girl is playing hard to get.

3 She Looks Away When You're Talking

Staring into the eyes of someone you're into and not want more is not easy. If every time you eyes and her's happen to meet and she quickly looks another way, that might just be a good sign that she's playing hard to get. It even gets better for you if you happen to catch her gaze more than once.

4. If she always shows up in places you like to go:

Suddenly you start seeing her in the places you like to hang out, and perhaps sitting in the opposite direction, just to catch your gaze. Or you keep inviting her out, and she keeps saying "maybe." And yet, always magically appears at the events or joint you invited her to. That's no coincidence. No, she's just playing hard to get.

5. She likes to talk about other people's good looks:

Another sign is if she likes talking about other people's good looks around you, especially guys. As uncool as it might seem, if she's talking about other guys she thinks are cute, or even ones making advances at her, it could be an indication that she's playing hard to get. She probably wants you to know exactly how cool other people think she is. Incase you needed a reminder.

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