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How To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special About You and Herself

When you are in love with a lady and you are making effort to make her feel special and rate you higher than any other man who may be seeking her attention. Giving her gifts, listening to her, and more things will surely make her feel special and be convinced that your love for her is real.

Below are things you can do to make your girlfriend feel special.

1. Give her attention. Giving a lady attention is important if you want her to feel special. Imagine you are talking with someone and he/she is busy pressing her phone, you will feel odd. A lady you refuse to give attention to may feel the same. But when you give your girlfriend attention, she will feel important and will feel special to you and herself.

2. Talk about her before your friends. Talking about a lady you love before your friend can make her feel special. She will know that you are proud of her to have gone to discuss her with your friends. She will therefore feel special and that will make her love you more.

3. Plan a mini party for her. Surprise her with a party celebration. If she wants to do her birthday, you can choose to do this for her. Invites your faithful friends and let her invite her own too. When you are done with the whole thing, she will surely feel special.

4. Give her gifts. Get some gifts for her when you have the cash. Let her know that you care for her. She will appreciate it and feel special about it.

5. Surprise her with what she needs. Prove to her that you are observant by studying her to know what she doesn't have and buying it for her. This will make her feel special about you. She will see you differently because she has never told you what she doesn't have and you bought it for her.

6. Hold her hands while walking. Do not make her feel like you are not proud of her. Hold her hand while the two of you are walking on the road. Doing this will make her feel special because it will look like you want the world to know that she is the one for you.

7. Use her picture in special ways. Put her picture in your room, in your sitting room. You can also use her picture as a screen saver on your desktop and your phone. You can equally upload her picture online. She will feel special about you and that may cause her to choose you like her number one man and you will win her love.

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