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How You Can Build Trust In Your Relationship

It is true that one of human greatest desires is the desire to be loved. Surprisingly, though, it appears as if such desire always go with another just as it is in joint demand where car and fuel go together. Truth be told, no one desires to be loved without having the desire to be trusted. As much as the desire to be trusted is carried out, not many really get it(trust) in full.

Apparently, one of man's(men and women) sicknesses is that of MISTRUST. Everyone wants to be trusted but not everyone gives it in return. Most relationships (marriage in particular) which were supposed to have lasted longer have hit the rock because of mistrust from one and or both of the partners. It becomes catastrophic when both partners are victims of mistrust.

However, as much as trust is hardly received, there is still possibility of building it.

The following are 2 ways you can build trust in your relationship:

1. Tell and

2. Share.

When both parties "tell" and "share" EVERYTHING that surrounds them(most especially the ones that happen behind the knowledge of their spouses). Even if our spouse has once won an award of MISTRUST, he/she will be forced to be admitted into the world of trust.

Tell and share everything that happens behind the knowledge of your partner, most especially those that involve the opposite gender:

When you return from work or place of business, tell and share everything that happened with him/her.

When you get tempted by the opposite gender, tell and share.

If there is a lady/guy who is on your neck despite your effort to decline, tell and share.

If you are facing any challenges at your place of work, church, school, meetings etc, tell and share.

If there are any plans to carry out any project; buying of car, building of houses, applying for job, receiving an employment letter etc, share and tell.

Tell and share EVERYTHING that surrounds you that your partner does not readily know because it gives him/her the feeling of belonging and involvement in your life. In return, he/she will give you his/her trust. Don't hide anything from him/her!

"What if he/she use your 'telling and sharing' against you?" One may be tempted to ask. Well, that is where maturity sets in. One who is mature will not think or reason that way. 

If you need trust, you MUST ALWAYS 'tell and share'.

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