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4 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Marry Someone Who Is Not Under Any Authority

Marriage is a lifetime agreement between two people, and for both of them to have a happy home, a lot of things should be involved.

Respecting authority is a very important factor that affects a lot of people in marriage. Without it, no one would be accountable for whatever they did to their spouse.

There is a system of authority existing in this world, and it operates in different areas of life.

There are different types of authorities.

1. The government's authority.

2. The church or mosque authority, which is known as the spiritual authority, in which God has authority over his people.

3. Parental authority, which is the authority of our parents or family elders. 

4. A business authority in which employers exercise authority over their employees.

These authorities are usually there to protect and guide us. Before you decide to marry someone, you must find out some things about them.

Find out if the person is under any authority; otherwise, the person will never be answerable to anyone for whatever they do to you after marriage.

You may have a partner whose parents are not alive. He or she should have an elder brother or sister who can challenge their behavior in the marriage.

If your partner does not have parents or elders, he or she should have a boss at work that they are answerable to for the cause of their actions.

No one shouldn't be subject to one authority or the other. That's why we have cooperative bodies that regulate different activities in the public and private sectors.

If you see someone who is just living a life of his or her own without being subject to any authority, it can be very dangerous to marry such a person because of the following reasons.

1. Your life could be in danger of domestic violence.

2. There's no one to caution your partner.

3. You have nobody to report to whenever your partner's behavior is out of control.

4. You won't be able to set any boundaries in your marriage.

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