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Husband and wife relationship

Dear Husbands, Here are Three Words You Should Not Tell Your Wife When You're Angry

Anger can actually cause someone to say what he/she doesn't intend to say. When a man is angry with his wife, he should not just say everything that comes to his mind. There are some horrible words he will say to his wife that can make her feel blue. No matter how much she offends you, don't tell her this words below;

1. Don't tell her you hate her: Anger can make a man tell his wife that he always whisper the three lovely words(I love you) in her ears that he hate her. This word can make a woman feel unconfident to her husband.

2. Don't tell her you regret marrying her: There's no marriage without dispute. Sometimes couple can dash into little argument, but this should not push you to tell your wife you regret marrying her. If she wasn't the perfect woman for you then there is no reason for marrying her at the first place.

3. Don't tell her to leave your house: A Man can't make a family by himself. Some men are very fast in taking some unusual actions. When you're angry, be able to note your limit in words and actions. Don't tell her to leave your house. She made you a family, her absence will definitely cause you more pains.

A man should be able to control his anger with his wife. Your wife is like your best friend and your family as well.

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