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4 things you should stop doing to women if you want to progress in life

Reasons, why some guys take girls so cheaply and treat them in a very unfair manner, is something that bothers my heart. K mean, girls are the sweetest gift given to man. They brighten your day. Makes everything that looks gloomy crystal clear and bright. Every man that wants progress in life should learn how to treat a woman with so much care and not take them with levity.

 No matter how handsome or how peaceful-minded a man you can be, you should never try any of this with a woman if you aim for progress in life. 

1.  Don't ever play with her emotions 

Emotions are sweet feelings you've for someone. When a lady is true and loyal to you, when she gives you her heart, it doesn't mean she's stupid to have done that, it simply means she cherishes you. It means she has consciously or unconsciously given her heart to just one person, which is you. Now playing with her emotions is a sad thing to do. If you don't want her, let her know and move on. Don't you toy with her emotions and feel happy with that. It's a sad thing to do.

2. Don't call or see her cheap.

If ladies were cheap there wouldn't be anything we call mothers, and if fathers were cheap generations would have been put to an end. No human is cheap. Making her feel this way simply means you've soiled her hard-earned pride. Women deserve better treatment. They aren't cheap.

3. Don't cheat on her.

One thing I'm sure of is that a woman who loves you genuinely will not cheat and why is because she wants success for that one man she loves which is you. It now balls down on you as a man to respect her decision. I te you what, it's not an easy decision especially when she sees a better man outside. There's always a better person outside but she has chosen to be with you for the rest of her life 

4. Don't steal from her.

No, this is a bad thing to do to her. From the experience, I've had in life, I would say that women give willingly, without even thinking twice. If she's so much into you and cares for you, she would give willingly without you asking. Stealing from her Is not a good idea if you want to progress in life.

Read again. Have a nice day.

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