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10 Reasons Why Fighting Is Good in a Relationship

Is fighting normal in a relationship? Every couple fights some or the other time. Sometimes you may question if the fights you and your partner have are normal and how they affect your relationship in the long term. Keep reading this article to see the reasons healthy fights are suitable for your relationship.

1. Your partner will know your thoughts, feelings and opinions.

When you are able to fully express yourself, your partner will understand the depth of your feelings about the subject. If you say, in a quiet and unobtrusive manner, “I don’t like it when you do this,” if your partner hears you, they will think you are mildly irritated about some little thing. If you are able to put some volume and intensity in the communication, they will get that this is important to you. Fighting has a tendency to bring out our worst tendencies. But it can also bring out our best attributes once we work through the tough stuff. In this process, we get to know the good, the bad and the ugly of ourselves and our partners, and still love them.

2. Fighting strengthens the relationship

Is fighting good in a relationship? If it strengthens the bond, then yes. One of the reasons to fight in relationships is because it strengthens the bond between the couples. Healthy and constructive fighting allows each person to air their views and express themselves without abuse or violence. Fights like this only help the couple to become better people. Also, it allows the couple to settle their differences on time, see a clearer sky, and understand each other better.

3. Fighting creates trust between partners

Young Happy Couple Talking Together Sitting on a Sofa. Is it healthy to never fight in a relationship? Well, no. It just means that you and your partner are not communicating well and may not trust each other completely. Another reason fighting in a relationship is encouraged is that it strengthens trust. Constant fighting in a relationship that allows you to express yourself only helps you trust your partner more. It makes you embrace confrontation more, knowing you are dealing with a reasonable person who will only try to understand. Besides, you won’t feel like your relationship will be threatened. Being able to survive every fight gives you more assurance about the relationship. It means you are honest with each other.

4. You will feel better.

Letting off steam and expressing your feelings releases tension, anxiety and fear. When this happens I feel “unburdened,” lighter,” “like a weight is off my shoulders.” Not only does this feel better, it is a healthier state when anxiety and stress, with accompanying harmful hormones, are dissipated (this does not mean venting or dumping toxic shit on your partner). Keeping emotions bottled up all the time leads to rigidity of the mind, body and soul.

5. Intimacy increases.

Fighting tells us what is important for our partner, what they don’t like, what they want, where their boundaries are, how flexible they are, what hurts them, and what they need to feel better. Discovering these aspects breeds a deeper intimacy and appreciation of the other. Fighting can be a growth process in which your self-understanding, and understanding of your partner increases.

6. Fighting is human.

Fighting lets your partner know that you are not a robot. It demonstrates that you are human and no human is as perfect as an angel. It shows that sometimes you are in a bad mood, are stressed out and you just need a possible action to let go the stress and get into a new mood. Fights boost moods.

7. You get to know each other more

When you fully express yourself during fights then your partner will get to understand your feelings towards the subject you are fighting about. Speaking quietly about what you don't like will only make your partner think that you don't mean it that much but when you adjust the volume and tone they will get to know that you really mean what you say. 

8. Your relationship gets stronger as there are no grudges

We argue to express out point of view on a certain issue. By doing this we aren’t keeping our thoughts to ourselves and thus clearing the differences. “As we speak our heart out, it helps in the longer run. None of the partners hold grudge against each other and even understand each other well, when caught in a situation.

9. It improves your character

Fights only make you stronger and increase your level of patience, care and love for your partner. Some times you even adapt yourself to the other person’s faults. “However, make sure that the argument doesn’t happen too often because that will create trouble in your paradise

10. Learning more about yourselves

Arguing is what we do to get to a solution or compromise. We argue to solve conflicts when we do it constructively without disrespect, dismissal or unnecessary insults. When couples argue impartially, a solution or compromise is what’s expected. When couples finally reach an agreement, they gain a bit of knowledge about each other’s needs, desires, motives and/or fears. This luckily could prevent the same argument from happening again in the future once it’s settled.

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