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3 Reasons Your Boyfriend May Not Want To Introduce You To His Friends

Why would you want to be with someone that will not acknowledge you? Any guy who has a girlfriend should be willing to say, Hey friend, this is my girlfriend. I would love you to ask him directly why he can’t tell them. Make sure you look right at him when you say it. If he gets uncomfortable or, tries to make up an excuse you will know that there is something not right about your relationship with him.

In this article, we will be revealing to you some reasons why your boyfriend may not want to introduce you to his friends.

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1) He is not sure about you

This is one of the reasons your boyfriend may not want to tell his friends about you. If your boyfriend is not sure of you and thinks your relationship with him won't last is a clear reason for him not to tell his friends about it. You can not be proud and going about telling people of something you are not sure of.

2) He doesn't love you

If a guy loves you, he would want the whole world to know you are his girlfriend. But if he is attracted to only your physical appearance without any emotional feelings then it's a clear sign he may not want to introduce you to his friends. He is just only taking advantage of your body.

3) He is not proud of you

If a guy is proud of you it means he loves you and will be ready to introduce you to his friends. But if he is not proud of you, maybe you don't look good to him this can make him feel inferior among his friends and may likely not want to tell his friends about you.

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