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4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Getting Married To Your Partner

For a marriage to work, detailed planning is required. Instead of jumping into a marriage based on the physical appearance of your partner or the haste to have children, endeavour to ask yourself these important questions to plan ahead and know your real reason for the marriage.

4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Exchanging The Vows With Your Partner

1. Do I really like this person?

Some people go into marriage either for children, for money or even for their partners' good looks. Unfortunately, some of these factors are not permanent. Their love depends on what their partner can offer and the absence of money or good looks could destroy the relationship. Because of this, it is necessary to ask yourself this question to appraise if you genuinely like the person you are about to get wedded to.

2. Do I want this person to father or mother our children?

When going into marriage with a love interest, make sure he or she has a healthy personality. It is not good to raise children in an environment dominated by a toxic partner who manipulates, verbally abuses and emotionally bully the children and their partner. Parents easily influence their children. Therefore, you have to make sure you are making the right choice.

3. Can I remain faithful to this person?

This question borders mostly on the intimate aspect. Some people go into a matrimonial relationship with their spouse and end up seeking emotional or intimate support from other people. To prevent this from happening in your marriage, ask yourself if you can remain steadfast to the partner you are about to marry.

4. Can I be my true self around this person?

It Is stressful pretending to be who you're not. Unfortunately, some people do this to win over a love interest. When some of them finally get married, the mask begins to slip and the marriage becomes fraught with conflicts. Therefore, marry someone you feel comfortable to be your true self with.

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