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25 English words often spoken and we don't know they are wrong

Plenty times when we are having a discussing with friends and loved ones we often speak bad English and we don't even know we're speaking bad English a lot of us will even speak the bad english and be defending it again. Though English is not our native language so we can't be expert in it but at least we can still try to boost or build our English so that it won't mock or embarrass us. So here are 20 bad english you speak that you don't is wrong

1. I want to barb my hair ❌

I want to have a haircut ✅

2. Barbing salon❌

Barbers shop✅

3. You are taking it personal✖️

You are taking it personally ✅

4. He is matured✖️

He is mature✅

5. The reason is because ✖️

The reason is that✅

6. My stuffs✖️

my stuff✅

7. Night vigil✖️


8. Traveling bag✖️

Travel bag✅

9. As at when due✖️

As and when due✅

10. Be rest assure✖️

Rest assure✅

11. I'm hearing you✖️

I can hear you✅

12. She delivered a baby boy✖️

She was delivered of a baby boy✅

13. Lacking behind✖️

Lagging behind✅

14. Crack your brain✖️

Rack your brain✅

15. Return it back✖️

Return it✅

16. Nigeria comprises of 36 state✖️

Nigeria comprises 36 state✅

17. Exercise patience✖️

Be patient✅

18. I forgot my phone at home✖️

I left my phone at home✅

19. My body is scratching me✖️

My body itches✅

20. I'm not your mate✖️

We aren't mate✅

21. You're mannerless✖️

You're I'll mannered✅

22. The car is horning✖️

The car is honking✅

23. Happy belated birthday✖️

Belated happy birthday✅

24. I will sleep at 10pm✖️

I will go to bed at 10pm✅

25. My names are✖️

My name is✅.

So that is all, now that we've learnt this let also put it in practice, those wrong English we're speaking before let try to correct it and speak correct ones now.

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