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9 Reasons Your Girl Might Not Take You Seriously

Ladies don't do things without having a reason for it, though they sometimes act on emotions and the tempo of the moment, yet they still somehow always find ways to reduce the reason behind their actions. So when your girl starts reacting to you in a way that you don't like, you don't need to make a fuss out of it, you only need to reflect on it and try to identify the reason behind that strange reaction. Once you're able to do this, it would be easy for you to fix the problem and reconcile with her.

Some men have been complaining lately that their girls are taking them for granted, it's almost as if their words no longer hold value to these ladies, and it's becoming worrisome for them. This frustration is understandable, but you must have done something that forced that kind of treatment out of your girl, she didn't just start that out of nowhere.

In this article, I will be showing you nine reasons why your girl might not take you seriously.

1. If you don't keep your promises

Girls hold promises with high esteem, they don't joke with it when you make a promise to them on something, they always stick to it and would keep reminding you till you fulfil the promise. But if you're nonchalant about it and you keep postponing it, they would stop disturbing you concerning the promise and might never trust or believe you again, they might stop taking you seriously.

2. If you're fond of lying

Girls don't toy with lies, they believe that a liar should never be trusted, that explains why they are always talking about loyalty and how much they want their man to have their back. If you keep lying to your girl, she might stop taking you seriously.

3. If you have a lot of female friends

Inasmuch as girls don't like to feel jealous, they still do. They get jealous when their man is always hanging out with other girls while ignoring them, they don't like it, they want you to give them all your attention and not share it with some other girls. If you keep a lot of female friends, your girl might not take you seriously.

4. If you don't usually reply to her texts on time

This is another reason why your girl might not take you seriously. If you're the type that loves leaving your girl's texts unread, don't be surprised when she starts taking you for granted too.

5. If you don't like walking with her in public

Girls like it when they can brag to their friends about their man, and that explains why they love to walk with you in public and show you off to their friends. So if you don't like walking with your girl in public, don't complain when she stops taking you seriously.

6. If you don't do any fun thing with her

Your girl wants you to participate in some of her hobbies, she wants to go to the movies with you, have a picnic with you or even go clubbing with you. If you don't do any of this fun thing with her, she might be taking you for granted.

7. If you always come home late 

This is also one of the reasons your girl might not take you seriously if you're fond of coming home late when she has already slept, she might stop considering you as a part of the home.

8. If you're poor in bed

Your bedroom efforts are another reasons why your girl might start taking you for granted. If you're the type that can't last two minutes, you may need to start checking yourself, if you don't want your girl to start seeing you as nothing.

9. If you don't have a job

Money is very important in a relationship, a relationship cannot survive without money, and you can't make money without working. So if you don't have a job, your girl might not take you seriously.

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