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Seven Things I Wish I Knew Before Getting Married

Marriage in most communities of the world is a monumental phase of life and as such must be considered carefully as one wrong move could leave the persons involved in abject jeopardy for the remainder of their living existence.

Before one gets married, there are quite a number of things to note to be certain that it is the right time and the right person. Here they are:

1. Marriage does not stop infidelity

Unfaithfulness is a resounding home wrecker. A lot of marriages does not survive after an affair and there have been a survey in West Africa shows that there are lots of reports of infidelity by quite a number of couples who want nothing else but to go separate ways.

Getting married doesn't mean that you will entirely be free from being unfaithful. Hence, before getting married consider those things that may leave you wanting another partner after a couple of years with the person you are currently drooling over.

2. It is not all about sex

A questionnaire showed that a whopping 55% Nigerian respondents could go months without any late night activity.

Marriage has quite more engaging intercourses than sexual intercourse. You must make up your mind to get entangled with every other business that marriage brings.

3. It is not even all about love

A lot of people could confess love a million times, but only a handful of them understand what it really requires. Love is more about action than speech. And marriage is certainly not about snuggling with your spouse on a posh settee in an exquisite living room and telling each other how much in love and forever in love you will be.

No, it goes way beyond that.

4. Have arguments

Courtship is a time to have arguments with your partner. A Canadian Journal for Psychiatry shows that arguments help people understand themselves better.

The more you argue with your partner, the more you know if you can actually stand him or her. You would know if (s)he is someone who doesn't like to accept his/her wrongs.

5. There is nothing wrong with investing

Try to invest in each other as you court. It is a learning sphere. Money is not the only thing you can invest to help each other. You can invest time and energy.

Try to invest in your partner now. It will be less of a difficult task when you get married.

6. Discuss children

Some people want just a kid or two while others would want a handful of kids. Try to understand what your partner wants and how much he/she would be willing to go by what you want. It would help you understand what you are up for.

7. The little things matter

There are a lot of behaviors that will determine how much of a happy home what you plan to build with your partner will be. Don't ignore these little details. They add up to the possibility of happiness in your home.

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