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Christians need to ask this question before getting married

Blessed Sunday friends.. 

Today we look deep down, we can't deny the human that we all are... 

Blood runs through our veins, water and all of that.. 

Yes, spirit filled(like you keep hearing and saying to yourself). 

I once asked a friend who happens to be a pastors child, infact I asked more friends who are so called children of devoted members and workers of churches, I asked if they can marry someone they never had intimacy with.. Let me be plain straight to it then: I asked if they can marry someone they never had s3x with.. 

80% said no, the rest weren't sure(while using bible to kind of say it's wrong)... 

I understand it's a sin sin, yea.. 

But imagine marrying that dream brother, only to realize he's not impotent (thank God for you) but he hardly wants to do it except you force him... Or a wife who feels it's only when you are trying to make babies that you two should do such.. Seriously, shouldn't it be fun sometimes? 

Well, that's what you get when some pastors matchmake(you can't complain oo)... 

Can be boring and complaining means you are letting the devil use you... 

••Churches make sure that we find compatibility with our partners in everything „except intimacy …

Hmm, that's the stop zone.. 


I don't support sin.. But deep down, can you marry someone you have never been intimate with(not even a kiss) ???

 Lets discuss.. 


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