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Opinion: How Do I Get My Boyfriend To Stop Looking At Other Girls?

Men look at other women. They know how to appreciate feminine beauty and they have no qualms about doing so. 

We should do the same when we see beautiful men pass by, it is education, social culture that has forbidden us to do so, through the centuries, "good girls look at the floor", rubbish. 

I look at the men who deserve to be looked at and that does not mean that I want to take them to my bed, I look at them and now, as someone looks (sorry for the comparison, but it is valid) a beautiful Rottweiler, a half-opened red rose in a garden, a stately building that stops my path on the street. 

Beauty is to be looked at, it does not matter if we mouse for a few seconds when looking at a person, it is so natural, that does not take away any other real value of a relationship.

If you jealous your boyfriend, pretending that he is blind, either you lose him or you will make him unhappy. I don't think you want that. 

The thing begins by "loving" and not by "just loving" someone. To love, in the true sense of the word, is to wish the happiness of the other, nothing more. 

And if that happiness includes you, great. If not, with whoever. If you want your boyfriend with a feeling of possession, you will have a sad life. 

Free yourself, love without attachment. I guarantee you the peace and freedom that you feel with that.

Therefore, when your boyfriend looks at a girl on the street, say: "How pretty, right?" "That girl had a nice dress", "What long and shiny hair"

I assure you that you will dazzle your boyfriend, he will see you fascinating, and your self-confidence will be your greatest aphrodisiac ingredient that he will drink with even more pleasure.

There is no way to get rid of petty feelings, freedom is priceless.

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