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Possible Ways For You To Grow Yourself To Become A Good Husband or Wife

With the ongoing trend about divorce and marriage troubles, it's best for one to look out for themselves, and also grow themselves for the future. The future we are talking about right now is our tomorrow, and comes daily. 

Most people who end up in marriage don't understand what marriage is all about. It's wrong for you as a person to marry for your family or for money. Those can't make marriage hold. 

When most people complain about their spouse, and how they behave, the truth is, they are not terrible, but they don't just connect in different ways. Don't forget your actions can bring out the other side of someone else, and that is what normally happen in marriages. 

In view of the above, let look at some possible ways for one to grow themselves to become a good wife or husband:

1. Having self-interest: Having self-interest here, isn't saying you should ignore others interest. Having self-interest, is saying you know what interest you and how well you go for what interest you. 

Many people in relationships, don't have self-interest. Most people don't even get to know about what interest them in someone, they just go with every flow that comes to them and at the end, if they realize something interest them it brings about sudden change in their relationship. 

So, it's adviceable for one to know what interest them and what they are interested in before ending up in marriage. At the end of this, you end up with someone having a similar interest with you. 

2. Having self-worth: Self worth is not about having money, it's about knowing who you are, where you stand, and what you can take and handle. 

Some people don't know what they worth. They just exist and go with anything, they can't discern between someone showing them kindness and love. 

This is very bad because, most people show you kindness in a relationship, and not love. Love is something that build and reshape, love heals and re-brand your personality; but kindness is what make you feel comfortable at even given little opportunity even when other odds are not in favour of you. 

That's not the whole meaning of kindness, but I'm talking from the sense of relationship. If you know your worth, you will know when someone truly need you in their life, when someone truly wants you and when someone truly deserves you. Self-worth bring out the respect in you and others towards you. 

Self-worth make you stand out, it tells you I can do this and can't do this and if you don't have it or know it before entering a marriage, you sure end up miserable. 

 3. Having Personal Drive: Don't live your dreams in your partners dream. Have your own pursuit, your own business mindset. 

Think differently, dont be that kind of person who go with everything their partner say because they are scared that, they might be wrong when they say their opinions. 

Stand out, contribute when you can, speak differently, have your own opinions.

Thank you for reading this article. 

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