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Dear Ladies, If Your Man Has Any Of These Qualities, You Should Not Let Him Go

There comes a time when a person would like to end up with a life partner to keep him/ her company. Many men and women have their own "specs" when looking for a life partner and what they really want from each other might be quite different from each other.

We all want some certain qualities we expect our partners to possess to make our relationship more fruitful and long lasting, though we can't necessarily ask for too much.

So for the ladies, what would you love your man to have? In my opinion, I think if your man possesses at least one of the below qualities, then you're good to go with him.

1.He is Passionate.

Passionate men are usually very attractive and special. Though men hardly show their feelings and are very different from the women when they express their emotions, yet they have a way of letting their partners know that they love them by being considerate and kind. Passionate men are the kind of men that believe in justice, fairness and have a strong belief in a system that profits them and their lives ones.

2. He is Trustworthy.

They say the pillar of a relationship is trust and it is one of the most valued qualities among two people. A man who is trustworthy and sincere about the things he does should be taken with the highest esteem. Though no one is perfect as mistakes are bound to happen in relationships, the point is knowing your partner to a large extent and knowing things they can't do to purposely hurt you is important. If a man shows a level of trust in his dealings with you, then you should never let him go.

3. He likes children.

Children are the blessings of God and it is every couples dream to have them. The way a man reacts to the presence of children tells a lot about him and if he's ready to have them or not. If he seems to be happy and love playing with kids, then it means he's hopeful to have his own children one day. This quality is a nice one because it shows that the love of a father is coming from him with the way he plays with other people's kids, thereby giving you a hint of what to expect when you start having your own children together.

4. He is loyal.

Loyalty in marriages these days seem to be very much apart due to one reasons to another. The average African man believes he is entitled to many women even outside marriage, which is mostly the lead cause of high divorce rates. You see, loyalty is not some kind of laws men are bound to follow but can be held by choice. A man can chose to only stick with you when he has many other options at his disposal, which is like denying himself if something he ought to be doing freely. Loyalty from a man is rare, and if your man in all the temptations if the world have you only at heart, then you should never let him go.

5. Dependable.

Yes, a man should be dependable. A dependable man is someone who is ready to accept responsibilities as a man he is. Before you chose to tie the knot with him, you should know if he's responsible enough to take care of family and even himself!

All the above qualities are some of the most important qualities a life partner should have, and having a man that possesses at least one of them is is very important for a healthy relationship.

May you find someone you can build a happy life with. Goodluck!

Content created and supplied by: GideonOgbike (via Opera News )


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