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11 Things Women Love But May Not Tell You

Some men think that money is the thing that women adore the most but that Is not true. There are some things that women genuinely love aside from money, any man that does these things to them will find it easy to get their affection and win their heart.

Here are 11 things that women love but you may not be aware of.

1. Cook her favorite meal.

Women love men who take out time to prepare their favorite meals for them.

2. Celebrate her on birthdays.

Women feel respected and loved when they are celebrated on their birthday.

3. Call her pet names.

Ladies love when they are called sweet names like Honey, Baby, Sweetheart, Dear, etc.

4. Call her often.

Women adore and appreciate it when their partners call them often.

5.Support her decisions in whatever way you can.

Women love it when men support any decision they make.

6. Always greet her with a hug.

7. Take out to see an interesting movie 

8. Always massage her whenever she seems stressed out.

Women love a good massage whenever stress hits them.

9. Say nice things about her in front of others.

10. Buy her expensive gifts.

11. Stroke her hair and kiss her.

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Cook Honey Sweetheart


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