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Take a look at the reason my wife flogs me every night(fiction)

It is very unusual for a woman to be flogging the husband but you will find the reason my wife flogs me as you read. 

I am a 45-year-old married man, I've been living in peace with my wife for fifteen years now but no child. My wife stopped sleeping in our matrimonial bed because she claimed I can't get her pregnant, so no need of wasting her time. 

I've tried all I could to make her change her mind but it's not working out. 

One day a friend of mind visited me and I was complaining to him, he was so angry, he said why can't I beat the woman, I explained to him that beating of wife is against our tradition, if I try it I'll die. 

My friend then advised me to get a mistress, maybe I can have a child with her, but according to our tradition, if my wife finds out that I'm cheating on her, she will be permitted to flog me until I change. My friend said there's no way she can find out. I didn't know my wife was listening to our conversation. 

So I started looking for a mistress and I found one, the first day I met her in a hotel room, my wife barged in, that was the beginning of my doom. 

My wife started flogging me every day, I don't know what to do, I'm so ashamed to tell people what I did. How do I come out of this? Please drop your advice at the comment section, thanks. 

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