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Why Nigerian Men Can Tie Wrapper And Still Look Fabulous

Culture as the lifestyle of a people is also an integral part of fashion. Nigeria, known as a nation with diverse cultural heritage and traditions is also known to have diverse fashion expressions one of which is the tying of wrappers to compliment a top. 

Although it is a norm for most Nigerian women to be seen tying wrappers both at home or on traditional occasions, it is also common to see men in the South-South region of Nigeria doing the same, most especially during occasions such as weddings, coronations, burials etc. An example is an Urhobo groom who ties a wrapper to complement his long lace senator shirt styled with a hat and a walking stick during his wedding ceremony.

When he appears like that before the parents of the soon-to-be bride, a sense of pride and authenticity accompanies such a man which makes him honoured by the family of the bride because they will see a responsible cultural man capable of taking care of their daughter.

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What one can infer from that is that aside from the good looks that being dressed in a wrapper adds to a man, the promotion of his cultural heritage through these indigenous outfits earns him the respect of other people within the community. And this is a valid reason why men in some parts of Nigeria can appear in wrappers, and still look fabulous.

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