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Why Intimacy Should Not Be Used As A Tool To Settle Disputes In Relationships.

Disagreements are inevitable in human relationships, even worse in romantic relationships, because of the strong feelings and emotions that come with this type of relationship.Most couples have a way of settling conflicts in their relationships, that is peculiar to them. While many options abound, intimacy should not be the solution to every conflict. This is because the excitement will wane after a few minutes, but the hurt and anger will still linger.

 Also most disagreements among couples require proper dialoguing and communication, intimacy gives little room for that.

There is such a thing as make-up sex, but this should be after all issues have been thrashed out. Using intimacy as a tool to settle disputes, is a manipulative way of invalidating your partner's feelings.

It is certainly not sustainable long term, as when your partner realizes what you're up to, they will actively resist every move you make to use intimacy as a cover-up. 

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