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Husband and wife relationship

5 Signs Your Wife Needs More of Your Attention and Love.

Giving love and attention to one’s romantic partner is something that cannot be excessively done. In other words, there is no limitation of love and affection a person should constantly give his or her partner. Funny enough, most people don't give enough love and attention to their partner either because of their social engagement, lifestyle, job, and even distractions from social media.

As a man who wants a healthy marriage, it becomes important to know that giving love and attention to your partner is one of the key factors that will ensure the success of your relationship; and you should also be able to decipher when your wife needs more of your attention.

Regarding this article, we shall be looking at 5 signs that show your wife needs more of your love and concern, see them below.

1. When she is always fond of holding or touching you whenever you both are together.

The evidence of her touch and warm embrace is an obvious sign she wants more attention, probably you haven’t been giving her according to her expectation. Affection and intimacy in one's relationship can also be initiated by touches, and when she does this to you, it simply means she wants you to reciprocate the gesture of affection to her.

2. When she constantly tells you she misses you.

Although, this doesn’t go for every lady, however; research has shown that when a woman tells a man she misses him; she means it. The rationale of telling you how she misses your smiles, conversation, touches and affectionate gestures towards her is a narrative that she wants more of those gestures.

3. When she complains you aren’t making her a priority or you don’t care about her feelings.

A woman is bound to complain when she feels her man isn’t giving her the attention she seeks, or he is probably not looking in her direction. When she does this, it means she wants you to cut down some of your schedules and activities that are taking your time and spend more quality time with her.

4. When she nags for frivolous reasons.

This can be seen when you decide to spend time with your phone, or you are watching a television show, or you are just chatting with your friends. When you notice she frowns and complains at these aforementioned gestures, it could be a sign that she is angry at the fact that you don’t give her the same attention you give to these things.

5. When she gets jealous over some of your activities.

In addition to the previous point, your wife can outrightly become jealous and resentful at some of your activities, most especially the ones that take your attention and focus. It becomes important to know that when she exhibits any form of negative energy or resentment, it isn’t because she intentionally wants to upset you; it is simply a reaction to the fact that you should give her more love and attention than your job, friend, or television entertainment.

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