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Husband and wife relationship

5 Major Reasons Why You Should Not Financially Depend On Your Husband

Among other many issues surrounding the existence and management of the institution of marriage, possession of money, most especially as it relates to the female folks is one of the talked about issues in marriage. While some feel being a wife and a mother same time is a great job on its own which should not really be accompanied by any involvement of a lady into money possessing adventures, others feel that it is a necessity for a married lady to be financially independent irrespective of her roles in the marriage.

Nevertheless, no matter the varying opinions surrounding the need for a married lady to possess her hard earned money, in all honesty, if a married woman owns her own money aside the one that will come from her husband, it is profitable to herself and not to any other person. No matter how financially rich the husband of a woman may be, there is every need for her to be in possession of her money. The benefits cannot be overemphasized. Below are some advantages.

1. For emergency needs. Every married lady needs her personal money in case of emergency. There are times that something that needs urgent financial attention (for instance, health related) would come up when your husband is not around. At such times, you won't be able to save the moment if you do not have your personal cash.

2. For execution of personal projects. When a lady possesses her own money, it gives her an edge whenever she intends to execute any personal projects she may have in mind. She does not have to go through the husband before doing so. On the other hand, when she depends on her husband financially, she would not have the freedom to execute the said projects except the husband gives his approval. The big question now is, what if your husband does not support the project, what will happen? Your guess is as good as mine - it will be left undone.

3. For timely attendance to other financial needs. Aside projects, a lady may want to give alms or assist her friends, parents, siblings etc when they need her financial help. How fast she attends to those needs will largely depend on the money she has. There is a kind of joy a lady would feel when she responds almost immediately to the needs of those that are dear to her.

4. To financially assist your husband in times of necessities. There is a special reason why God made a woman for the man to play the role of helpmeet in his life. Without money, it may be hard for you to effectively play that role, because there are times your husband may not be financially buoyant due to low business turnout, lost of job, bankruptcy etc to take care of some of the needs of your marriage. At such periods, you are to "cover up" for him until he bounces back on his feet.

5. To take care of yourself and kids(if there is any) in times of eventualities. No one is praying for had things to happen. However, there are times eventualities like divorce or even the demise of your husband may unexpectedly happen. Without being financially independent, it will be almost impossible to take care of yourself and child/children.

As a married lady, financial freedom is something you should not lack. It will save you from a whole lot of stress and inconveniences.

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