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I just realized men like a woman who can apologize when she's wrong -Lady

A popular influencer on Twitter @preshdeyforyou spoke about relationships, where she educated people on the need and importance of apology in any relationship.

She made the tweet where she said I just realized men like a woman who can apologize when she's wrong instead of turning it into an argument.

Owning up to your mistakes when wrong is better than trying to prove a point. It shows you value the friendship, relationship, or whatever 'ship' that exists between both of you more than your ego. Real men will stop at nothing to apologize when wrong as well.

We should all learn to apologize when we are wrong to avoid unnecessary issues with our partners.

The post has caused reactions from different people as many believe apologizing isn't a gender thing rather everyone should learn how to apologize when they are wrong.

(1)Some men see the argument as a threat to their position.

I feel there is nothing wrong when a woman argues wisely and constructively with her man.

A man who wants a dull woman should be avoided because it shows he doesn't have her best interest at heart.

(2)Healthy debate is good. You can't be doing something you can't allow to be done to you and not apologize when pointed out to you. If you love proving your reasons for doing wrong all the time, I will entertain it but it doesn't mean I will let go

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