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There Are Thriving Marriages In Showbiz But Bloggers Won't Report Them - Ugezu

A prominent Nollywood actor, Ugezu J. Ugezu, has complained about how news reporters in Nigeria are so quick to report broken marriages but won't report the ones that are thriving.

What does this tell us as Nigerians?

According to his post on Instagram, he said that there are thriving marriages and relationships in showbiz. Bloggers and gossip media will not report them.

They are only quick to report marriages and relationships that are facing challenges.

Anyway, we can't completely criticize the bloggers, but it's also the fault of people, because bad news sells more than good news in this era.

There are many actors and actresses that have been happily married for years, but bloggers won't say anything about their marriage because it will not sell.

The trendy news about broken marriages in the Nollywood industry has made it risky for men to marry an actress or a woman who works in showbiz.

A lot of families have forbidden their sons from getting married to a Nollywood actress because of the marital tussles among celebrities that they've been seeing on social media.

Bad news has become a headline that people use to attract readers to their blogs, and they use marriage scandals in Nollywood to become relevant.

However, the truth is that some Nollywood actors or actresses are enjoying their marriages.

It's sad to see that many people don't care to know about them. That's why bloggers give them what they want.

Content created and supplied by: Temmyabbe (via Opera News )

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