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OPINION: 4 factors to consider before you propose to your girlfriend in public

We know women love extravagant proposals especially so we can show off with it. While some women love their men going extreme and being unique about his proposals, some women prefer to quiet and secret proposals. It might involve you bringing few closest friends and family or just the two of you in a quiet and serene environment.

So, before you go do a public or extravagant proposal, make sure you take note of these things to avoid getting a NO from the love of your life:

1. Make sure your partner is not an introvert.

Introverts are people who do not like leaving their houses or like socializing with people. Introverts are mostly not interested in people knowing what is going on in their lives. In that case, if you were to propose to your girlfriend who is an introvert, it is advised you make use of a calm, and serene environment.

2. She must not be someone who doesn't enjoy too much attention.

Just the same way people get stage fright during performances, some women get it too when it comes to a public proposal. They tend to develop fear due to the crowd that will gather around her and get tensed too. This tension may cause them to run away or walk out from the proposal leaving the man embarrassed. To save yourself this embarrassment, make the proposal at the right space with just both of you presence.

3. Make sure your woman is not an anti-fan of public proposals.

The reason for dating and courtship is for you as a man to study your woman. During the course of dating, take note of those little comments your woman makes during your discussions. Engage your girlfriend in conversations regarding proposal and know what she thinks about proposals and which type she would prefer to have. Save yourself the embarrassment of being left in public while holding up a ring.

4. Make sure your girlfriend is ready to settle down.

Little details matters. Before a man proposes to a woman, he is expected to have known her well enough to want to spend the rest of his life with her. The man is also expected to know if his woman is also ready to spend the rest of her life with him. A man shouldn't be selfish about issues of marriage, the woman might love you, but she has other plans and isn't ready to settle down or get married. If this is the case, and you end up doing a public proposal, you are going to be left alone in public with the ring and all attention will be on you.

Except you have intentions of making it to the internet as the man whose girlfriend abandoned during proposals, take note of these things. How public you make your proposal is not a criteria for a successful marriage, so take note of your partner's interests in the issue of proposals.

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