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10 Questions You Shouldn't Ask A New Girlfriend

You're meant to treat your partner like an egg in the beginning of a relationship. You wouldn't ask her some questions if you don't want her to change her viewpoint. Your first priority should be to learn how to win her heart. You can start asking those questions once you've established a strong bond between you two.

Some of the questions you shouldn't ask your sweetheart early on in the relationship are listed below. They are as follows:

1. Don't ask her to pay your bills: It's not common in Africa to ask a girl to pay your bills for you, let alone the girl who has just accepted your proposal. Imagine going out to a restaurant with your sweetheart and asking her to pay the tab. That could be the final time you two meet. Don't even ask a woman you've just accepted as your partner for a loan.

2. Don't ask her to make date plans: It takes time for a woman to fall completely in love with a man. Relax and don't be in a hurry. She would eventually begin doing all of these things without your permission. Give no duties to your new girlfriend.

3. Do not ask her to leave her job: It is inappropriate to ask a lady to leave her job for you at this time. You should focus more on how to entice her to adore you. You might not have to ask her that question in a few years if you capture her heart.

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4. Don't invite her to visit your family: Some women dislike it when a relationship moves too quickly. Before bringing her home to visit "mother," try to get to know her better.

5. Don't rush into asking for intimacy: Learn to grow your love without it. If you ask for closeness too soon, she might assume you're flirting.

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6. Do not inquire as to whether she would have an abortion if she became pregnant unexpectedly. When you start asking these questions, your babe will begin to believe that you aren't manly enough to take on duties.

7. Do not request that she reduce the number of male friends on her list. How do you urge your girlfriend to reduce the number of acquaintances she has known for years before meeting you? Patience is required. She will realize the need to cut down on her buddies and commit to you as soon as she develops affections for you.

8. Always avoid asking for her phone. If you continually asking for her phone, she may begin to suspect you of being a jealous person. Some women dislike males who aren't able to trust their girlfriends.

9. Don't start interrogating her about her female acquaintances.

10. Do not request that she reduce her spending. Requesting that a girl you've just met cut down on her costs may cause her to leave you. She might start to believe you're stingy.

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