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Husband and wife relationship

See Why My husband Hates Waking Up Beside Me Every Morning.

Hello everyone, my name is Deborah am 25 years old, I got married to my husband a year ago but since then he has changed drastically to me for a reason he has not made known to me yet.

My husband will be 27 years old this year he is a content creator on Fiverr where he makes at least 200k at the end of the month. Even though am a full-time housewife the money is still enough for us to spend because he has other investment he is also into.

He has 2 cars in which I ride one of them he owns the house we stay in and he also owns poultry not too far from home.

So let's continue our discussion, my husband, Samuel since the time have been living with him and we have become a couple have been acting totally strange to me when he sees me beside him when he wakes up. When he wakes up and I was not on the bed with him that time he will look for me until he finds me, greet me good morning and give me a lovely kiss before he will go and take his bath and start pressing his system to find out if he has new orders.

So I decided to find out the reason on my own. So one faithful day I woke up early but didn't leave the bedroom. Guess what?, I hide under the bed to find out why he hates seeing me every morning 

So when it was past 6 I started hearing him making some sounds guess what I heard?

He started praising God even from his sleep crying and weeping it was so much that even me joined him, so the reason why he hates seeing me and hearing from me first was that he always wants to greet God Good morning first before any other person.

End Of Story do you enjoy my story?

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God bless you.

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