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Do You Know Your Child Can Be Sexually Abuse Under Your Nose ; How?

An adult who takes pleasure in having sexual relationship with young children is called Pedophiles and they can be either male or female.

Note these ten attributes to discover a pedophile;

1. They penetrate into your heart until you become very comfortable with them.

2.They are usually friendly with kids.

3. They are always praising the kids they are targeting.

4. They are experts at grooming.

5. They are ready to spend on a child what they can't spend on their wife or any other adult.

6. They hardly show irritation with kids.

7.They are expert at discovering kids love language.

8. They have no shame, that is why a father can molest his own daughter and an adult can break into six month baby.

9. They appear to be the best friends to have but immediately they get what they are looking for, they turn to a monsters.

10. They take there time to plan and strategize before they act.

Pedophiles can be found ;

1. In the school; They are among the teachers in your child's school.

2. At home; Your domestic servants are not innocent until they are proven so.

3.They can be in public vehicle.

4. They are everywhere.

As a parent, Your primary assignment is parenting. Having a child is not as important as watching over them like mother hen.

Protect your child by ; 

 1. Giving them good and early sexuality education.

2. Inculcating good self esteem into them.

3. Knowing and speaking their love language.

4. Avoiding unnecessary attachment between your child and any adult.

5. Teaching your child self control and contentment.

Do you think there are other ways to protect our children from sexual abusers, kindly drop it in the comment box.

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