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Planning Your Dream Wedding? Check Out These Wedding Gowns

Getting married is a dream that most women drool over. The thought of having that one man who'll love and adore them till the world ends is an ecstatic feeling. More so, the thought of an elaborate and keenly expensive wedding is also not far from thought.

The day dreams about having the perfect wedding gown, the perfect make up, the perfect event hall, the perfect church, perfect set of shoes and the perfect line up of bride's maidens.

Sadly, not every woman has a clear vision of the kind of wedding she wants and deserves. You probably must have been to a wedding that wasn't too fine or the bride wasn't even very excited. That could be as a result of various reasons.

One thing about weddings is, if you want an elaborate one, you must be ready to spend. From your gowns, down to the food and the souvenirs. You don't expect people to come from far and wide only to be kept hungry at a wedding they were invited to. If not for anything, people mostly want to eat and jollificate with the bride with a full stomach, not with an empty angry one.

Planning you wedding is another key factor, if you're not sure of the kind of designs you'd like your wedding reception hall to have, then hire a party planner. A party planner would ask you about the way you'd like your hall to look and eventually makes that dream of yours come through.

Picking a wedding gown could be almost as hard as picking the partner you'll want to spend the rest of your life with. It could also be very tedious. Most women do not even get the gowns they want, probably because it's not in stock or it's too expensive.

Another loop hole is the invitation list, weddings ought to be strictly by invitation, but in Nigeria, wherever we see a canopy, we assume there is a celebration of some sort. These days, it is very normal to wear casual clothes, walk down your street and anywhere you see a canopy, just sit down and wait for "item 7".

Weddings should be planned perfectly, this only happens once with your partner, you don't get to do another wedding, except you get a divorce and decide to marry again. Make the best out of every situation and never settle for less of what you deserve.

Wedding gowns come in different colors (mostly white anyway) , shapes and sizes. Each and every gown is unique to the creator and the bride, each gown presents a depiction of the beauty of the bride's vision. A woman whose gown is sparkling could be described as someone who loves to shine in whatever she wears, she loves adornment and lots of jewelry. Her wedding day is one in which she gets to show off her taste in fashion.

It usually advisable to go to a renowned store, not just any boutique that'll give you low quality material as a wedding gown. Remember that it's your day and you deserve the best, never settle for less, always give it your best.

Today, I compiled a few wedding gowns that I believe would appeal to the eyes of my female readers, enjoy ...

I hope you enjoyed these pictures. Remember to always be the best at what you do, in as much as you want an elaborate wedding, cut your coat according to your clothe. Not everyone needs impressing, you only have yourself, your family and your husband for the rest of your life. The remaining guests just came to eat rice and small chops.

Never do anything based on what the majority would say, be real and classy. Rock the things that make you feel most beautiful.

Tell us which one is your favorite in the comment box ...

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