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52 Crucial Questions, You Should Ask Your Opposite Sex Before Engaging in a Relationship.

It's important to be understanding, before engaging in anything concerning life partnership. Relationship requires a lot of patience and as well appreciation. Right here in this article, I will enlighten you on the questions you should ask your proposed girl friend or boy friend before engaging into a relationship with him or her. These questions are important and are relevant in the growth of every relationship. Some may sound odd, but in a deeper meaning it will help you to determine the actual much love your lover has towards you.

Below are questions you should make effort to ask your boyfriend or girlfriend.

1. What did you think when you met me first?

2. What attitude of me do you like most?

3. What aspect of my life do you hate most?

4. What are the reactions of your other boy friends towards our relationship.

5. Do you still feel the love of your ex?

6. What's your favorite position for making love?

7. What period of the day do you enjoy making love most?

8. If you were to break up with me what will be your reasons?

9. If I happen to be away for long would you wait for me?

10. At what age did you have your first kiss?

11. Do you enjoy long distant relationship?

12. What was your first kiss like.

13. Are you a jealous person?

14. What brought your relationship with your ex to an end.

15. Has someone ever struck into your privacy?

16. If by misfortune I accidentally have a physical defect, will you still love me?

17. Have you ever practiced a blood covenant?

18. How do you remember your past love.

19. Have you been deflowered?

20. Who deflowered you?

21. Will you leave me for a celebrity that loves you?

22. How do expect to cope with me if my financial status crash.

23. Do you encourage joint bank account?

24. Whose income should carry the family monthly expenses?

25. Do you think am mature to be in a relationship?

26. Do you like being lonely sometimes?

27. How much tempered are you hot, mild, or cool.

28. How do you handle sensitive situations.

29. Do you like or hate expensive jokes i.e jokes that can be hurtful?

30. Have you ever been sexually abused by a fellow gender?

31. Do you love me?

32. Do you believe in God almighty? Why.

33. Will you forgive me if I sleep with another guy/ lady? And why.

34. Love is blind do you believe that?

35. Who is your role model in life.

36. Are you addicted to porn? How do you feel about that.

37. If we're childless, will you still hold on to love me?

38. What's your greatest achievement in life.

39. Do you actually show your parents love?

40. Have you ever cheated on me?

41. In what aspect have I influenced you positively in life.

42. In what aspect have I negatively impacted you in life?

43. Am I a hindrance to your success in life?

44. Have you ever mourned your loved one?

45. What pet name should I give to you.

46. Describe me in three words.

48. Are you the spiritually lazy type?

49. How many times have you been disgraced officially.

50. Can you risk your life to save mine?

51. Can you risk your life for your ex?

52. Have you ever thought of dissolving our relationship?

I hope you went through all these above questions, and did you really read meaning into them?

Don't fail to ask him or her the above questions, because that's how to know the depth of his or her love. Don't neglect this message, also share with others.

Remember to follow up, because in my next article I will also be revealing other tips for a successful relationship. Drop your supportive comment below.

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