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A Female Soldier Attempt To Surprise Her Husband With Her Arrival But She Caught Him Cheating On Her

A video has surfaced online recently showing the moment a female soldier caught her husband cheating on her with another woman. This female soldier who just returned from her duty decided to be romantic by surprising her husband with her presence without her husband's knowledge.

She arranged this surprise with some of her friends who met her husband at a mall and offered to help her husband carry his things in the boot. While her husband was making call, they sneaked this female soldier in the boot and shut it. While her husband drove off, her friends tailed him so that they can capture this moment on camera. They were surprised when her husband drove into a house that isn't his but they continue videoing hoping to see what will happen next.

Her husband came out of the car and he was welcomed by an unknown lady with hug and kisses. They went down to the boot to get the things the husband bought in the supermarket but as he opens the booth, his wife step out and caught him red handed with another woman.

What could have been a romantic moment for this couple became a sour moment. See some screenshots from the video below.

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Watch the video here.

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