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I Starved My Daughter For Six Days Because She Couldn't Speak English, Then This Happened (Fiction)

I am sending this message to all the harsh parents all over this platform to treat their children with utmost love, and care. Usually, you don't value what you have till you lose it. What I did was heinously bad, and I hope God forgives me. You don't have to make the same mistake, kindly learn from my story. Here is my story;

I was born into a very prestigious family in Abia state. My family was known for brilliancy competition, no doubt, everybody was a genius in my family, and its relatives. Ceremony was usually organized for the most award-winning student in my family every year, and no one has ever beat me to it till I graduated from university.

The family has produced Lawyers, Medical Doctors, Pilots, making the family one of the richest families in Abia state. I graduated from university at the age of 18, and I officially became a medical doctor at an early age of 22. I got married to my long time partner who was also as brilliant as I was, but she died shortly after the birth of our daughter.

I vowed on her grave to make my daughter the greatest woman in history, but my dreams started washing away when I discovered my daughter was not brilliant, I mean she couldn't even spell pencil at the age of three. I heard I could spell complex words since I was age two, but why couldn't she?

I waited till she turned 7, but she still couldn't speak correct English, so I locked her in a room, and starved her for six days in total darkness. When I opened the door on the seventh day she couldn't breathe, she was long gone, she looked paled, and her skin has turned white. I couldn't help it, but cried bitterly, I rushed her to hospital, and glory be to the God, she was resurrected.

Please don't force your child to be what they don't want to be, don't force them to do beyond their capabilities, instead, you should cherish, and love them. Learn from my story, thanks.

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